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OG Kush phenotype(one of the best)

This is the real deal original OG kush. It’s stayed the exact same since the 90’s and we haven’t seen OG Kush this good since 2011. This is a must try strain and will quickly become a staple in your arsenal of strains.


Product Description

Garrison Lane presents Billy Kimber, a unique indica dominant OG phenotype hand chosen by our expert cultivators from a group of thousands of mothers. This exquisite OG cut bears the undeniably harsh and spicy flavor profile characteristic of all great OGs and reeks overwhelmingly of pungent gasoline and freshly cut pine. This strain produces a heavy body buzz and intense cerebral invigoration best reserved for experienced users, with many patients reporting Billy Kimber’s efficacy in fighting the symptoms of chronic pain as well as muscle spasms.

Technical Specifications

Space Monkey Meds cultivates flowers of an out-of-this-world quality. Growing their strains in-house with expert levels of quality control and cultivation techniques, Space Monkey Meds pays close attention to every detail to offer the best possible cannabis buds to their customers. Their experienced growing team, personal knowledge of what patients are looking for and history working in Humboldt’s Emerald Triangle propel Space Monkey Meds’ flowers to the top of the cannabis game. While they began their brand name in 2016, Space Monkey Meds carries decades of growing experience and have delivered their home-grown marijuana to Bay Area patients since 2012 and dispensing their flower to plenty of local dispensaries. Through their delivery service, the founding team cultivated an intimate understanding of what patients were looking for, while their professional conduct and high-quality cannabis kept bringing dispensaries back for more. Space Monkey Meds’ founder was among one of the first to offer their product in a can, and they slowly built up a reputation that fit their high standards of excellence. Finally positioned for takeoff, Space Monkey Meds launched their brand in 2016 to match a name to the marijuana patients and dispensaries adored, and since they’re beginnings, they’ve spread to more collectives, visited more events and are spreading their flower to touch more aspects of the cannabis industry. Space Monkey Mes prioritizes details, understanding that close care and attention are what set their flowers apart from the crowd. Using coco, indoor growing methods and hand-trimmed attention, they’ve tended their genetics for nearly a decade to find the ideal phenotypes of each of their marijuana strains. After their many years of growing, Space Monkey Meds is proud to offer a varied selection of cannabis flower for patients and collectives to explore. Their bestselling strain is their Grateful Breath, with genetics hailing from Gage Green Genetics. Grateful Breath’s Indica heritage stems from their best phenotype of their OGKB and offers a highly medicating, enjoyable experience. Space Monkey Meds proudly collaborates with SC Labs to test their cannabis flowers for quality assurance. Each batch of their flowers undergoes testing for THC content and pesticides. Currently, Space Monkey Meds’ flowers are local to Sacramento, spreading both their cannabis and canned flowers to Sacramento delivery services as well as brick-and-mortar dispensaries in Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Notable collectives include DTHC in Anaheim and Doctor’s Orders in Sacramento. Space Monkey Meds also partners with Paper Planes to create a line of high-quality concentrates.

Based on 7 reviews

4.4 overall
  1. 4 out of 5

    i found the strain to be soothing after a long day of stressful everyday activity. i give it four star to help calm the senses and help relive the stress of a long day. Thanks James you were right

  2. 5 out of 5

    It had a great balance between a body high and head high, it definitely got me high asf and it had an amazing taste. It made me really calm but also made everything funny. You’ll eat a lot with this strain.

  3. 5 out of 5

    This is my type of smoke. Certainly felt the indica vibe and the nugs looked really nice. Not to affordable thou, please keep in stock!

  4. 4 out of 5

    Bit of a creeper on this for me… then, Whabam!!! A satisfying heavy high with bright rushes all over it. Maybe not a perfect burn and a tad harsh, but not unbearable. Smallish buds but great smell. More than worth your time here.

    • Thank you for your review! We appreciate the feedback and your loyalty.

  5. 4 out of 5

    good cali tins bags to order at

  6. 5 out of 5

    If you didn’t, you must. Best quality for your buck. Got a 30. Very happy. Thks had.

  7. 4 out of 5

    definitely recommend this bud managed to hustle a bud off my buddy who i recommended to the site

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