Bloom Farms Cartridges for sale UK



60% THC

0% CBD

Vape cartridges made with single strain cannabis.

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Jah Goo: 60% THC-0% CBD
With a musky sweet bouquet of pine and earth, the pungent indica of Jah Goo delivers subtle head effects with strong full-body relaxation. Its potent sedation makes Jah Goo an ideal evening option, as it’s known to induce heavy drowsiness and restful sleep. Jah Goo often is chosen by people seeking a stronger appetite and the mitigation of pain and high stress. Jah Goo Bloom Farms Cartridges

Note: Battery + Cartridge = Vape Pen. This listing is for the cartridge only.  Make sure you have the new Bloom Battery to use with this cartridge. 

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